Washi Tape

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    Do you like Japanese papers?

    You'll love washi tape! It is a decorative tape that is traditionally made from natural fibers such as paper and rice rather than artificial substances.

    It easily attaches to everyday objects. You can use it to decorate:

    • your furniture
    • your accessories and office objects such as workbooks or your diary
    • Washi tape can also be used to personalize your everyday environments such as the wall in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

    It's a way to add a unique Japanese touch to create a Japanese atmosphere at home...

    Why use washi tape?

    Washi tape is ideal because it is not made from artificial and chemical substances like most other adhesives. In fact, its natural composition is not harmful to the environment or to children...

    The advantage of washi tape is that it is made from natural materials that make it more effective than other adhesive tapes...

    Another advantage of washi is that it can be reused several times without losing its adhesive quality . Simply peel the washi off the surface and let it dry.

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