Japanese Wall Art

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    118 products

    Between Samurai, Geisha, Ninja, Shogun, Japanese Dragon, Manga, Kami, the cultural and artistic richness of Japan is such that we could not help but offer you a “Japanese painting” collection inspired by the folklore of the country of the rising sun!

    So if you are looking for original wall decoration, know that our Japanese shop will overwhelm you with paintings with authentic Japanese inspiration... You can also take a look at our collection of curtains Noren separate two rooms...

    Know that Japanese paintings are considered to be the most beautiful treasures in the world. You probably already had to hear about the great wave of Kanagawa painted by the Japanese artist Hokusai...

    Japanese wall art and Japanese folklore

    This collection is inspired by the different forms of Japanese art. Mountains and nature have been a topic of choice in samurai land. Before the rise of Buddhism from China, the immensely practiced Japanese belief was called Shinto.

    Believers of Shinto have a deep respect for kami or deities. They were certain that the latter lived in trees, in forests, rivers, rocks, and mountains.

    A wild animal that is often seen in art is the kitsune or nine-tail fox. It plays an important role in this unique folklore.

    Successful Japanese decoration

    Japanese contemporary art style is characterized by innovation and modernism. Our entire team is happy to make you discover the inspirations and great artists that have influenced the Japanese world.

    Contemporary art and abstract art of the 21st century symbolize the emergence of great talents from the land of the rising sun. Innovative and creative in terms of experiments and materials used. Today, artists move quickly from one medium or type of contemporary art to another.

    It is not uncommon, for example, to see a manga creator try his hand at creating design paintings or fashion and vice versa. These Japanese artists break borders and frames because of their innovative vision!

    Kakemono: the Japanese tradition

    Our selection of paintings is of high quality with a Canva print. Canva canvas adds a touch of the authenticity of depth to the print while eliminating glare. It is the medium of choice for all fans of the world of Japan.

    We offer several formats to dress and decorate your room, apartment, house. Small formats that are perfect to go on a shelf, a desk, or the large kakemono formats for an authentic Japanese style, with their wooden base.

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