How do you make a Japanese style bedroom?

A bedroom is a peaceful and warm space. The room should be calm and soothing, to help you fall asleep and enjoy a restful sleep. That's why, we advise you to opt for a decoration in a Japanese bedroom style.

In order to make a Japanese bedroom decoration, have a look to some steps :

  • Japanese minimalist bedroom style
  • Japanese decorative objects
  • What colors do you need to choose ? 
  • Which light you should opt for ?

Steps to follow for a Japanese style bedroom

Japanese style bedroom

The Japanese culture is above all characterized by harmony and sobriety. This is exactly what is needed for the decoration of a comfortable and relaxing zen bedroom. That's why more and more people are opting for Japanese decoration in their bedrooms.

For the whole house, you can let your imagination run wild, and combine shapes and colors according to your desires. However, for the room where you will gather at the end of the day, you must be more sober and simple.

This is exactly what Japanese style decoration invites you to do. The first rule here is to get rid of everything that seems unnecessary. All the objects and accessories of decoration which do not take part in the serenity and the meditation are to be excluded. So this will be a great decoration idea for people with a low budget.

Japanese bedroom decor with minimalist style

The golden rule to respect when you want to adopt a Japanese bedroom design  is simplicity above all. Indeed, this style of decoration is characterized by a minimalist side. In other words, the room should be decorated with the bare minimum. No need to add electronic equipment or gadgets that will only distract you and harm the peace of your mind.

Japanese decorative objects

The decorative objects to choose for your traditional Japanese bedroom should be limited to the bare minimum. Among the essentials to have we can quote:

  • The screen: it allows to delimit several spaces in the room, for example, a dressing area or an office area
  • The bed linen: here it is necessary to privilege the clear and plain colors
  • The wall decoration: for the wall decoration, the ideal would be to have with frames with Japanese characters (ukiyo-e painting for instance).

The Japanese bedroom colors

Japanese bedroom decor

Regarding the colors, they must be sober. Indeed, according to the rules of Japanese culture, it is necessary above all to create a Zen space. It doesn't mean that you should choose a single color for the whole room. Far from it! You can choose different tones of soft and neutral colors.

We recommend beige and brown colors. You can vary them in several shades, from lighter to darker. You can also use white to create a harmonious mix.

If you want a more modern decoration, then the ideal would be to turn to cooler colors. Black and gray will be perfect for you.

To bring warmth to the room, you should consider adding touches of warmer colors. Red or purple accessories will be welcome.

For the wall decor, we recommended to opt for paint, rather than wallpaper. You can then add a touch of color with a Japanese floral sticker. This decoration will be perfect to give more life to an empty wall.

The light in the Japanese room

The lighting in a room decorated according to the Japanese style is a very important aspect. Don't not neglect it. Indeed, thanks to the lights installed, you create the general bedroom atmosphere. Opt for a soft and simple light.

You will also need pendant lights or Japanese lanterns (chochin). Japanese paper balls are particularly suitable. They provide soft lighting, and the room will be more elegant. 

Finally, consider adding bedside lamps. Models made of natural wood will be in perfect harmony with the Japanese style. 

In summary, to get a Japanese decoration in your bedroom, you must focus on sobriety and simplicity. Don't forget to clean your room. Have a look to the famous Japanese Danshari method if you need to optimize your living space !

You must avoid extravagance and cumbersome modern accessories. Because they don't contribute to your zen rest.